Are DREVO keyboards waterproof?

No, the mechanical keyboards have lots of tiny electronic components. Please keep the keyboard away from liquid.

Can I charge Calibur/Excalibur with mobile phone USB cable?

Yes. Before that, please make sure that your phone USB cable is Micro USB and ensure the quality of it.

Can the Calibur Bluetooth work in USB connection mode?

No, you can't use the Bluetooth when the keyboard is connected by USB cable, obviously that the Bluetooth key doesn't flash at all.

Does Calibur have media key functionality with the use of function keys?

Well, it lacks the physical keys of F1, F2, F3 etc. But you can press FN+1, FN+2 to get these keys.

Does Calibur support the replacement of keycaps and switches?

The keycaps are manufactured in standard specifications, and can support the replacement of most DIY keycaps. The switch is not pluggable.

How can I know the remaining battery capacity of Calibur keyboard?

At present, this keyboard doesn't support to display details of battery status. When the battery runs out, the space bar will turn to red and begin to flash slowly.

(In addition, when you connect the keyboard with your computer through USB cable, the keyboard will be charging automatically, and its space bar will turn to green and begin to flash slowly; If the space bar has no flash in the USB connection mode, that means the keyboard has full charge.

How do I pair this keyboard with my device via Bluetooth?

a. Press down FN + Q or W or E (three profiles for three devices) for 3-5 seconds. When the indicator starts blinking rapidly, it means the keyboard is in pairing mode.

b. Find the keyboard on your computer, and connect it.

c. Follow the instruction, and enter the number that appeared on your computer.

d. If you want to change the profile, simply delete the keyboard on the computer.

e. You could find more details in this manual.

How many colors does RGB keyboard have?

There are seven colors currently. You can custom the light color of each key. When the keyboard driver is released, you could customize every key's light with up to 16.8 million colors.

How should I clean my mechanical keyboard?

Dust cleaning under keycaps

Tools: Keycaps remover( included in the package), q-tips or any thin stick with rag tied.

Remove keycaps first, then use the q-tips to gently brush the gap between keys until no obvious litter left. Use clean water to wash keycaps.

Cleaning sticky switches

Tools: Soda water, Straw

Suck in some water, press into switch, then press key repeatedly. Wait till tomorrow.

Liquid spilling reparation

Unplug the USB connector immediately! Turn your keyboard vertically for liquid to drop down, then you should use dry rag to wipe off the remain liquid. Wait until you make sure the keyboard is totally dry.

I want to use the Bluetooth mode of my keyboard on desktop computer with Bluetooth 4.0 adapter, is it ok?

Yes. You should confirm the Bluetooth 4.0 adapter quality before doing that.  

What are some of the important hotkeys?

These are hotkeys that users need to know:

FN + `(~) = Lock All Keys

FN + 7(&) = 30ms debounce delay ( key response time )

FN + 8(*) = 40ms ( key response time )

FN + 9(() = 50ms ( key response time )

FN + 0()) = 6KRO

FN + -(_) = 24KRO

FN + F12 = Lock Windows Key

FN + PS = Number Lock

What's the difference between switches?
Black - Gamer's Favorite

Solid feel and instant feedback, actuation force: 65g

Blue - Typist's Spa

Tactile bump and audible click, actuation force: 60g

Brown - Middle Option

Softer and less clicky, actuation force: 55g

Red - Excellent for gaming and typing

Ridiculously smooth and accurate, actuation force: 50g

What's the range of Calibur Bluetooth connection?

The range is 10 meters theoretically. It may be limited based on complicated situations.

Why can't I use Windows key on my keyboard?

You can press FN+F12 (Gramr or Excalibur) and press FN+Windows key (Calibur and Tyrfing) to lock or unlock windows key.

Why can't my keyboard be detected by the PC?

At first, you could try to use it in another computer to confirm that if the keyboard is defective; and then you could check out the driver, for example a new installed driver may cause the problem. If this can not help you to solve the problem, don't hesitate to contact us, offer us more details of the problem, and we will help to solve the problem.

Why is the Calibur not connected automatically to my computer each time I turn on my computer?I need to reconnect it to the computer.

We suggest that you could turn off the keyboard before the power off of pc, in order to avoid losing connection with pc.

Why is the light color of the key Caps Lock is different from others?

For Tyrfing, it is to show the Caps Lock key is triggered;

For Gramr and Excalibur, the F12 (Lock windows), PrintScreen (NumLk), Pause (ScrLk).

Why is the light effect of keys Capslock, F12, PrintScreen and Pause of Gramr and Excalibur inverse of normal keyboards?

Because these keys also represent some keys Capslock, WindowsLock, NumLk and ScrLk. When they're not lighted=active, lighted=inactive.


Can I use it in the laptop?

Yes, if your laptop has a SATA interface. We recommend you to connect it to SATA3 port. It is also backward compatible with SATA1/2, but the R/W speed will be limited.

Do you provide firmware updates to your SSD drives?

We will provide firmware support when users have met any kind of problems. We don't have regular firmware updates for now.

Does it have any light effect on Ares?

Yes. It will breath with blue lighting when it is working.

How to install the SSD into a laptop?

Detach the old HDD, then place your DREVO SSD into the bracket and use the same screws you removed to secure it. Then slide DREVO SSD back into the bay and plug it in the SATA connector used by the old drive.

What's function of the 3 capacitors on Ares?

The 3 independent capacitors are designed to secure data when lose power.

What's the Ares SSD's form factor?

The form factor is Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) HHHL.

What's the controller and NAND type of Ares SSD?

 The controller is SM2260 and NAND type is 3D MLC. 

What's the difference between the X1 PRO SSD and the Zeus SDD?

The Zeus has equipped with high-end DRAM which will provide higher random read and write speeds.

What's the switch on Ares for?

The Ares has three working modes - S - Slow(slowest speeds with less power consumption); D - Standard(middle option) and P - Powerful.

Why does my PC not recognize the SSD?

You need firstly enter BIOS and change the mode of HDD from SATA to AHCI.

Why dose my PC boot with blue screen after installation?

You should firstly enter BIOS to choose the SSD as the first boot disk.

Why is the speed not equal to described value?

The speed value may vary from different devices and different test circumstances.

Will this ssd work with M-ATX or ATX motherboard?

Yes. Please connect it to a SATA3 port. It is also backward compatible with SATA1/2, but the R/W speed will be limited.